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Meditation Lifestyle

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How Pandemic-Proof is Your Job? People believe that personal financial stability is tied closely to their jobs or careers. However, following the recent coronavirus pandemic, the assessment of which jobs and industries offer stability has changed. From now on, when thinking about a career or business move often will mean asking, “How pandemic-proof is it?”  This […]

Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing Work? Affiliate marketing is a business process where affiliates promote other brand’s products or services for a commission. No initial investment is necessary for the business startup. A company or brand pays a commission when a product or a service has been sold. The commission can vary from 1% to 50%, […]

You are your own Brand

The Most Unique Sales Proposition Personal branding is the process and practice of marketing yourself as an approachable, trustworthy, knowledgeable person. It’s an ongoing process involving developing and maintaining a good reputation and impression through well thought out self-packaging and promotion. Your personal brand thrives on the emotion, perception and lifestyle people associate with you. […]

vector-abstract-music-background-with-guitar-player To Live in Passion and Purpose Every individual is born with a certain skill set and a purpose in life. Very few, however, have the chance to combine passion with profession. Those of you who do, fortunately, enjoy the freedom of being yourselves, most of the time, creating what you love the most. What […]

Tibetian Singing Bowl

Sound Waves in Meditation. In creational stories of different mythologies, including Hinduism, it is said the universe was projected by a sound. In the beginning, there was the word or the sound so to speak. This is what Hinduism calls AUM, or the primal sound, the unstruck sound, from which creation is manifested. For this […]