How I made meditation my daily habit?

When looking 30 years back, at the beginning of my twenties, I learned the importance of turning meditation into a consistent part of my daily life and routine. It did not just happen in a day or a week. It took weeks and months of disciplined exercise, at the dawn of every morning and before bedtime in the evening. I never skipped a day. This was and still is my most important sadhana, or spiritual practice and understanding. At least start your day with meditation, and if possible close the day with a short meditation.

Never skip a day of meditation!

When knowing the reaping fruits of this practice, or sadhana, it will make you never want to skip a day of meditation. Gradually, the discipline becomes natural and easy. When the superconscious light devours your whole being, you understand how important meditation is to your inner and outer existence. At first, it takes time and effort, just like watering a flower in your garden every day. Then it becomes an essential and inescapable part of your daily routine. I wouldn´t know how to live without it, and it feels as if you are not balanced enough when you skip it. 

Inner and outer nourishment.

Our whole being needs rest and nourishment. Just like feeding our body and giving it proper rest, your vital being, mental being, and psychic being need the food of the soul. It is not enough to feed our physical bodies alone. We need to breathe in energy to nourish our vital being. The mind needs to be infused with higher inspiration and light to raise our conscious awareness and wellness.

Our laser concentration enables us to put the reins onto the monkey mind:

Gradually, we come to the understanding that our body and mind are just a house we live in; our soul’s temple. We are not the body, not the vital being, not the mind, nor are we our thoughts and our emotions. All this is just a stream of different energy passing by and affecting our being positively or negatively. We learn to understand that the mind cannot be controlled, and our thoughts and emotions have their own depending existence. They depend on our awareness, our mind´s attention. Without our attention and awareness, they would just disappear and dissolve. In the house of our minds, there are many places or rooms so to speak. By the power of our awareness and concentration, we can choose what thoughts and emotions are allowed to enter. Never fight your thoughts and emotions. Only acknowledge them and let them go. Be the Observer sitting on the mountain top, observing as the thoughts or emotions come and go. Understand that you are the light ball, the core Self within, the Observer, where the subject and the object merge into Light, and the Universal Oneness.

Understand this, and you will never want to skip a day of meditation. Those who have awakened know this and understand this. They crave their soul´s nourishment every day, like crying children, full of divine aspiration. Those who still dwell asleep will come to this understanding when their inner eyes have been opened.

Daily meditation should not be a struggle.

Daily meditation should not be a struggle. It should be a vital understanding. Then, it is no longer a question of discipline or sadhana. It becomes the source of your inner nourishment and freedom. I may lose all my possessions in life, I may lose my physical body, but I will never lose my soul endeavoring light, for I am light embodied, consciousness infinite, and eternal. The world is just the Maya of your mind; the magical world you believe you are seeing. All ancient teachers of wisdom have told us a thousand times to fix our awareness, our minds on the inner Self. Let´s turn it into our daily habit.

This is my understanding.

Eyjólfur Andrés Björnsson.

Digital Blogger & Founder

of Meditation Lifestyle.

Eyjólfur Andrés Björnsson

Digital blogger & founder of Meditation Lifestyle.

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