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Misconceptions about Yoga and Meditation.

In modern western culture, meditation has become increasingly popular. More people apply meditation in their daily lives for different reasons and benefits. Some may want more peace of mind, while others seek more focus and self-control. Then, there are those who want to relieve stress and anxiety, and others who utilize meditation to visualize and manifest the life they want. Finally, we have the serious ones who aim to the highest good, of union with their Self, or self-realization. Meditation can be applied for all those reasons, explained above, and even to help cure illness and disease. However, the single most important purpose of meditation is to reconnect with yourself and to expand your consciousness and awareness. It is for your inner growth, focus, and self-awareness.

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Jnana Marga Yoga: The Way of Self-Inquiry and Self-Knowledge

The primary objective of ‘Jnana Yoga’ is the ultimate realization of one’s innate nature through correct knowledge and analysis. It is what leads to the cognizance of the presence of divinity within oneself. The word ‘jnana’ literally means knowledge. However, within the realm of yoga, its connotation is not just limited to mere theoretical or practical knowledge. In fact, it is viewed as the very means to attain salvation.

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