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We’ve been creating an open-source magazine where you get to share your own thoughts and ideas about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, self-growth, or anything relatable to the human body, mind, and spirit, and its progress and growth.

We consider this as an act of service to humanity, where you can share your points of view with other seekers around the world.

By sharing everyone’s knowledge about meditation, yoga, mindfulness, or any spiritual practice, we render our service to mankind´s consciousness, by helping seekers around the world to start learning meditation, yoga, mindfulness, or any healthy spiritual practice and to implement it into their daily lives.

Meditation Lifestyle is dedicated to accumulating as much knowledge as possible from around the world about meditation, yoga, mindfulness, self-growth, or any good and healthy spiritual practice, and philosophy.

We honor eastern and western philosophies alike and emphasize remaining non-partisan to all readers who seek more information and learning. 

Who is our audience?

Our audience is truth seekers, and non-seekers whose common goal is to learn and implement meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and self-growth into their lives.

We aim to deliver satisfying content to people who have awakened to their inner needs, as well as to those who are yet to become awakened, and just want more focus and freedom in life.

We are referring to people who are devoted to the meditative lifestyle, as well as those who want to become awakened, focused, balanced, and perhaps more creative, by connecting with their inner self and consciousness. 

  • Do you have a deep understanding of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, self-growth, or any spiritual practice, or philosophy?
  • Do you have a deep understanding of the body and mind? 
  • We encourage you to write for us and share your point of view with other seekers and non-seekers around the world.
  • By sharing your articles and blogs with the rest of us, we consider it as an act of service, as in Karma Yoga. 
  • We allow backlinks and affiliate links in articles and blogs, and we encourage backlinks to relatable resources.
  • Posts must be original and not a duplicate from other sites. If you do have your own website, you may use backlinks to your site or to a relatable resource but NO DUPLICATE posts or blogs are allowed. Before posting, please read about our privacy policy and terms of use.

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Why write for us?

First of all, it is FREE to post an article or a blog with us, and from your author´s profile account you can edit and control your posts, and even delete them. One thing is for sure, that running a website or a blog of your own is far from being free, not to mentions all the things you need to learn and know before starting a personal blog. Then there is SEO and all the keywords, rules, and compliances to follow, and so much more things to take care of. Well, it is an endless list of stuff to learn. It will take weeks, months, or even years before you get the hang of it. Then, you may not even get any search traffic or audience. Before you know it, your inspiration for writing is all gone. Why waste all your time on tech stuff, such as coding and building a website, when you could be focusing on your writing skills, and posting unique, original, and value-added articles. Let us worry about SEO and technical matters.

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What is in it for me?

By joining us in a team of unique and authentic writers, you become part of a team of featured authors. The chances of your articles being seen and read increases, and you get the chance to focus on growing your writing skills and to become a well-known, and respected writer, without all the fluff of building a website all alone and some following, and having no time for actual writing. The more you grow as a writer, and the more you post, the better is the chance of becoming noticed, and perhaps getting paid for writing.

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Elite writers & Auhors.

Well, we are not quite there yet, but we hope to have an Elite Group of writers, and authors, who get paid for posting high-quality content every week. Are you a good writer, with a deep understanding of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, self-growth, or any spiritual practice, or philosophy? If you are able to write original and unique high-quality content, with well-organized text, headlines, and links to authentic resources, then you might become eligible for paid articles.

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