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We’ve been creating an open-source Magazine where you can share your thoughts and ideas about Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Spirituality, Self-Growth, and anything relatable to the human body, mind, and spirit, or its progress and growth.

 Many great people have philosophical and spiritual minds, who have an urge to share their thoughts and ideas about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, self-growth, or anything relatable to the human body, mind, and spirit, and its evolution, or even the cosmic evolution. Further, different philosophies and different religions, ideals, or paths relate to diverse people. Hence, one of our core values is unity in diversity.

Not everyone needs or even wants to have a blog site to express their thoughts and ideas. This site, however, was created to enable people like you to place articles and share thoughts and ideas amongst spiritual readers.

We love people’s articles and blogs, and we want to turn this website into an online magazine based on everyone’s blogs and articles, for both readers and writers alike.

If your interest is in meditation, yoga, mindfulness, spirituality, human and cosmic evolution, and you want to write an article or a blog, then this is the right place to do so. You can leave your backlinks or affiliate links in there too. As a matter of fact, we cherish all such links, that connect you and this magazine with other resources and sites. First, you submit your article or blog, then wait for its review, and before you know it, your message is live.

Help us create an online magazine, by placing and publishing your articles and blogs here with us. We know how important meditation is for the individual´s and humanity´s growth. Let´s turn meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or any good and healthy spiritual practice into an important daily routine by talking about its value and importance for the individual´s and humanity’s evolution.

Furthermore, as technology and AI makes their fast-moving progress, even so, human evolution has become all the more important. Understanding the value and the benefits of daily meditation, for the individual and collective human consciousness, in order to stay ahead of technological developments, is very important to remember. Thus the unity of matter and spirit remains in a consistent equilibrium. 

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Our Values.

Unity in Diversity.

Mutual Love and Respect.

Universal Tolerance.

Freedom of Thought, Believe, Opinion and Expression.

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In a conditioned world, everyone has got to make a living. As we grow, we intend to monetize this magazine and blog with ads, such as regular ads, e-mail solo, banner or sponsor ads, as well as Google display ads. We may earn an income from affiliate links*, partake in affiliate programs such as Amazon Associate, Clickbank, and Soundstrue, or by promoting other people´s products and services, or by sourcing our own products and services. We hope to showcase a variety of products through this site when things get more serious.

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Our Vision.

It is our wish to become a popular mainstream magazine and blog, where spiritual-minded people can share their written thoughts, and ideas about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, spirituality, self-growth, or anything related to the human body, mind, and spirit, and its evolution, and even the cosmic evolution.

“We envision that one-day meditation may become equally as important in our daily lives as sleep and food is to our body.”. 

Our Mission.

We want to address the importance of meditation, and mindfulness for the human individual and collective growth.

Let´s turn meditation, mindfulness, yoga or any good and healthy spiritual practice into an important daily routine by talking about its value and importance.

Meditation is no mystery. Let´s keep it that way, and make it easy for each and everyone to understand and implement.

We encourage you to write for us. To learn more press the green button below.

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How I made meditation my daily habit?

How I made meditation my daily habit? When looking 30 years back, at the beginning of my twenties, I learned the importance of turning meditation into a consistent part of my daily life and routine. It did not just happen in a day or a week. It took weeks and months...

Misconceptions about Yoga and Meditation.

In modern western culture, meditation has become increasingly popular. More people apply meditation in their daily lives for different reasons and benefits. Some may want more peace of mind, while others seek more focus and self-control. Then, there are those who want to relieve stress and anxiety, and others who utilize meditation to visualize and manifest the life they want. Finally, we have the serious ones who aim to the highest good, of union with their Self, or self-realization. Meditation can be applied for all those reasons, explained above, and even to help cure illness and disease. However, the single most important purpose of meditation is to reconnect with yourself and to expand your consciousness and awareness. It is for your inner growth, focus, and self-awareness.

The way of sitting in Meditation.

The way of sitting in Meditation. Before the practice of concentration and meditation, it is necessary to choose the right posture that fits the capacity of the physical body. As physical beings, we are not used to the idea of sitting still and quiet. From the...

Jnana Marga Yoga: The Way of Self-Inquiry and Self-Knowledge

The primary objective of ‘Jnana Yoga’ is the ultimate realization of one’s innate nature through correct knowledge and analysis. It is what leads to the cognizance of the presence of divinity within oneself. The word ‘jnana’ literally means knowledge. However, within the realm of yoga, its connotation is not just limited to mere theoretical or practical knowledge. In fact, it is viewed as the very means to attain salvation.

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Eyjólfur Andrés Björnsson.

 Founder & CEO

of Meditation Lifestyle.

Hi. I am a digital marketer and a blogger with well over 30 years of spiritual studies, yoga, and meditation experience. I believe the goal of life to be the attainment of inner freedom and self-realization. Serving others is an important part of this journey, and here I wish to give back what I have learned. Everyone has a different approach or a path towards the higher goal, and it is only our human ignorance and limitation that is blocking us from attaining self-awareness.

I believe the fundamental questions to life should be: 

“Who am I “, and “what is the purpose of my life”?

“What can I do to make my life change and improve”?

Eyjólfur Andrés Börsson
Sri Yantra
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