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“All we are is the result 

of our thoughts”.

Gautama Buddha

“Make your life a masterpiece.

Imagine no limitation on

what you can be, have or do”.

Brian Tracy

“I think, therefore I am”.

Peaople in meditation
  • My mission is to bring to you a deeper understanding of meditation.

  • Show you how to focus and manifest the lifestyle you want.

  • Explain to you how to attain more freedom and self-awareness. 

  • Pinpoint to you how and where to learn meditation, and yoga.

  • How to set the platform of freedom for your inner growth and self-discovery.

  • Explain the hidden freedom in your life, and how you can get to the point of inner and outer freedom, with concentration, meditation, visualization and self- empowerment.

  • Show you how to leverage your time with a self-sustainable online business.

Learn meditation from
online courses.
Learn how to become fully independent with your own Online Business.
An Introduction to Meditation,
the Reconnection with YOU,
Eyjolfur Andres Bjornsson
Explore various Yoga
online and offline courses.
See what is available of
meditation cushions
and yoga mats.
What a fantastic idea to trun your holiday into a total transformatioin vacation!


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Hi, my name is Eyjolfur Andres Bjornsson

I am an online entrepreneur with BS.c in Business, a Meditation mentor and a Yoga practitioner, a Guitarist, and someone who is dedicated to show you how to empower yourself, so that you may truly experience a lifestyle of more focus and freedom. I feel it is time to give back what I have learned, and I have found a solution by which many have replaced their income, the same I will share with you, as well as my 30 years of experience and knowledge of meditation and yoga  

What you can benefit from making changes

The harmony of matter and spirit, freedom of self and wealth

Trading time for money

Trading time for money is what we have known so far to sustain our living. It is the old way of the industrial economy. However, each time of our lives spent with our family and children is priceless, let alone the time spent on our own passions. By leveraging your time with digital marketing, you can generate the income you really need to sustain your life, with less time and less effort. Welcome to the new economy of the autonomous digital world. 

Getting more focus and direction in life

Have you ever tried to focus on one subject or one object for more than three seconds? Hardly not is it, because it is not easy for the mind to stay in one place for long. The mind is like an unstrained monkey. As a result, your life wanders and has got no sense of direction. However, it is possible to train your focus and awareness with the help of concentration and meditation. Consequently, your life gets more direction and you will be able to manifest the life you want.

How do I even begin!

If you do not know where to start, it is just fine. You do not need to be an expert in any field at all. My colleagues and I have got it all covered for you. You have the chance to learn any skill necessary to harmonize your life, whether it is meditation, jumpstarting an online business, making a business plan, or building a website of your own, just like I have done and many others. If they can do it, you can do it, with some expert help, time and effort. 

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This maybe your chance to turn your life into a more enjoyable and satisfying experince, by learning the magical methods of meditation and to live the wondrous lifestyle of online digital marketing. 


we care about your email privacy

Eyjolfur Andres Bjornsson

Eyjolfur Andres Bjornsson

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